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The very first English friend I had was a guy called Joseph from Newcastle, something like 10 years ago. He was a massive, massive Given fan, and since I was the goalie in the college team he'd try to have me take him as my inspiration ("Man, you should have seen what Given has done this week!). From that point on for me Given = Newcastle. I wonder what does he think now, haven't heard of him in a while. Maybe he shot himself.

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I see Given mentioned how his former club would always have a special place in his heart.



Celtic that is.


I think he means as a place to retire.


Here in his own words, make your own mind up:


"I'd love to finish my career here," Given told the club's official website. "I haven't been here long, but I already feel at home and love the club.


"I grew up a Celtic supporter and they have a big place in my heart, but I really hope I can finish my career here. You can never say never, but I'd like to think I will."

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Didn't he say this at Sunderland too ? AND us of course ?

Of course, no-one with an IQ in double figures would say it about Blackburn !

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How many Shay Given threads do we want running simultaneously? Get a f***ing life man.

Not often you'll read me say this, but - dead right.


personally i still think of given as a hero and nothing has changed my view on this and i would like to see him win something (as long as its not at our expense which i know is unlikely ) imo he is a legend and a top keeper

He left for his own benefit.

NOT heroic, I'd say, however sensible for himself.

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Never mind the 12 years' service, eh?

Can the Given haters - or the few who are old enough - tell me if they feel the same way towards Peter Beardsley (who left us right in the s**te when he went to Liverpool)?


Like Given, Beardsley left because he wanted to. He was offered better money and went to a club he thought was better than Newcastle. Thats what professional footballers tend to do.

Ironically the player who really did not want to leave but was to some extent pushed out was Chris Waddle, and yet he seemed to face more animosity after his departure being called Judas etc.

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