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Federico Fernández (now playing for Elche)


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Don't care, too little, too late.


We needed another attacker, a number 10 or atleast an attack minded CM, a LB, and atleast cover at RB.


We have basically brought it like for like replacements for what we have sold for less.

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If we had £6m to spend on a defender, why did the club not make a formal bid for Joe Bryan?? A 24 yr old, British player (age/time to increase in value), and in a position we actually NEED someone??!!!


Jeez... this ****ing cloob!

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Rather have spent 6 mill on Joe Bryan.


Would rather have signed the £9m on N'Soki. Although there seems to be conflicting reports that we didn't want to pay that much/he turned us down.

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Isn't he a centreback as is the other guy?


Yes and yes.

Might have got wind Marlon wouldn't get a work permit.

Or Jose has decided Lascelles is the centreback for him.  If we plan to get both someone is going.


Was just gonna say... Ashley sanctioning the (potential) signings of 3 centre backs in this window?


He's clearly praying for a late Lascelles bid.

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