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The Same Type of Player


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I thought it was about time I broke my making a thread virginity and this is something I've been wondering about. I did check the search box and couldn't find a topic on this so here goes (will be gutted if this is a giggs like):


We often come across, or even use the term ourselves, "he's not the same type of player" when comparing two players who occupy the same position. For example, you could say that Rondon is not the same type of player as Gayle even though they are both centre forwards. We all pretty much know what is meant by this as they both have different attributes that mean they play that position differently.


So, my question is this; using players who play in the same position as each other (and preferably comparing players from the same era of football when possible), who would you say are players who are similar enough to say they are the same type of player as each other?

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Kante and Makelele.

Was young in Makelele's prime but wasn't he more of a sitting player whereas Kante is always closing down and winning tackles, etc.?


Townsend is a very poor man's Robben. Maybe Thiago and Verratti?

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