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Guest chopey

Some Saudis visited the Rolls Royce factory at Washington last year, when they landed at Newcastle they then jumped in a Helicopter which landed at Lumley castle, so I think we could do with some guys on helicopter watch as well.

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Would be slightly disappointing if this has all been a smokescreen for them buying Aberdeen FC


'Slightly' :lol:


Buying Aberdeen and Atlanta. MLS presence as well. All been in the works since Miggy. Rafa's daughter has got a job in Aberdeen.

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There's a Gulfstream 650 on it's way from the middle east but my tracking only starts over Egypt when it was already at 43,000ft.




I'm looking out for GLFs as that's what the planes that were in Newcastle were.


Over France now still on course for UK at 45k ft.


A GLF4 also went from Al-Baha to Riyadh, gonna keep an eye and see if it goes anywhere after.

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