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The new and improved Rafa Benitez thread. Rafa, no nonces, no aliens. Ra-fa.


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Thanks Mike!


I am going to repost this video because it features one of the best defenders in the world talking about how Rafa is an incredible coach. 



The Rafa talk starts at 5:45.


He was the first to me this way: tactics, using glasses and then video. He trusted me to play football at the highest level. He treats everyone how they deserve to be treated. He doesn't have a problem saying things to people's faces. When I arrived, for the first six months I played every game. He  always let me play, even if I made mistakes. He always put me in a position to learn to play at this level. He really helped me grow in this respect and he managed me very well. People saw my first year as a failure but I felt it was a very important year because I learned so much about myself and about football, about tactics. When I arrived I wasn't ready, I needed time  and he understood that.


Who do you want to rebuild a club from the ground up?


(Of course, we haven't a chance in hell of attracting the likes of Koulibaly. Don't believe it.)

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