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Players you wish played in the Premiership


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Zinedine escaped, Messi looks likely to as well. Who else through the premiership years got away that you would have liked to have seen play their trade in the PL.


*As per Mikes Kind request: Not only who, but where would they have been the best fit?*


I remember Batistuta getting linked back in the day. Would have loved him. Likewise Matthäus.

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Recoba. Thankfully I got to at least see him destroy us once at SJP :lol:


I was going to say him as well, his goal at SJP was glorious.


I think the players like Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Totti etc, their specialness would be taken away slightly if they weren't one club men (for the most part). Obviously they'd still be world class wherever they went but I really liked how they stuck with one European club so not that bothered about them not being in the Prem. Haven't really worded that very well but whatever

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:lol: Can I add to this? Not only who, but where would they have been the best fit?


Ronaldo would’ve been outrageous at Man Utd around 98-2000.


Del Piero would’ve suited Arsene Wenger’s style of football perfectly if they didnt have Bergkamp.


Baggio would’ve been amazing for us once Pedro got a bit past it.  Christ that would’ve been good!!  :snod:


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Lee Trundle


Good shout. Would be lying if I said I wasn’t curious how he would’ve done in a decent side and wether he could’ve hacked it or if indeed he was just a lower division show pony.

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