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Your betting (2022/23)


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win treble around 11/2 


wigan 4-1 140/1 

huddersfield 3-0 22/1


Stoke 2-0 9/1 


£1 treble same scores around 25,000/1 

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4 hours ago, Ben said:

What have Derby done yesterday to knock Huddersfields odds out to 17/10 ? 

Huddersfield apparently waiting on a load of Covid results that could take several players out.

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1 minute ago, Nate said:

Aye. Have player cards been taken off the Bet Builder?


It did that last night on the Champ game, once the game is listed on the in-play menu, you seem to have to use that.

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Thanks Wullie. It’s not as though they have 100s of millions to throw at app development.


Copied you and also put Ake with Tielemans at 85s. I think this game averages under 1 yellow but it is Tierney. 

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