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Interesting reading the various takes on Martinez’s time at Everton. Thought it was pretty straightforward myself. They were great to watch in his first season then he got a couple of key defensive injuries long term and looked more vulnerable.  The DM he brought in from Wigan getting injured in the second season if Iirc particular hitting then hard.


Still disappointed this all didn’t go through in time to grab Rafa as he was a great fit and feel he would’ve helped AS and her husband as they review the club from top to bottom.

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14 hours ago, kamakazeee said:

He got Nice to their highest finish and Champions league football and also had Balotelli playing arguably the best football of his career.

The thing Favre, he hits a brickwall. He's very good at getting teams overachieving and into European football - which is where largely most of his success has come. He hits a brickwall when it comes to getting teams over the line in terms of winning leagues etc. But, that's not the job we are looking for in the short term, we actually just need Favre to do what he does best, get teams playing good football, develop players and get us moving up the league. 

Longer term, obviously he could be an issue, but I don't think he's a long term appointment anyway, he's 62/63 now. 




Sounds a bit like Keegan.

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17 hours ago, KaKa said:


I respect that you see things really differently, but the guy wasn't exactly a bum in Germany. He transformed Gladbach from a bottom feeding club to a Champions League club and did excellent work with an unfancied Nice side in France too. Even at Dortmund he didn't manage to threaten Bayern but he always finished second.


Not sure I understand why you think he's not good enough for Newcastle as we are at the minute. Our current manager is Steve Bruce. A man more concerned about bacon and kebabs than football, who takes holidays to Portugal a few games into the season when the team are hovering around the bottom of the league.




Fair point. I’m certain he would be an improvement. 
Apart from the first 6 months at Dortmund he, thereafter, showed some serious limitations but sometimes a coach and a squad don’t quite gel the way everyone wants. His stubbornness to use a sub optimal set of tactics left me and many Dortmund fans with PTSD!
You’re right of course, he’s no mug and he would help the younger players. He seemed especially good at that. 

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Martinez isn't what we need like. Genuinely have no idea why he's rated at all.


I'd like to know who's turned us down/made it clear they're not interested. Conte, Rodgers and Potter would be my guess. 


The next man is as important as any. I'd rather they take their time, get the structure in place and then go from there. Not panic. If we lose on Sunday though their hand is forced, Bruce's position will be untenable. 

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I've read more and more on Jorge Jesus and I'm honestly sold and wish someone would link him with us so I can get excited. 


Great football, great tactician, would work under a sport director model and has a brillaint CV to boot. 


Come on Mand, have a look will ya.





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13 hours ago, nbthree3 said:

I thought it was because Paratici wanted someone more conservative, or at least that's the narrative Fonseca played https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11675/12415204/paulo-fonseca-says-tottenhams-fabio-paratici-pulled-out-of-deal-to-appoint-him-over-his-attacking-football


He told Telegraph Sport: "The agreement was done. We were planning the pre-season and Tottenham wanted an offensive coach. It wasn't announced but we planned pre-season players.


"But things changed when the new managing director arrived and we didn't agree with some ideas and he preferred another coach.


"I have some principles. I wanted to be coach of the great teams but I want the right project and a club where the people believe in my ideas, my way to play, and this didn't happen with the managing director.


"It's what the chairman (Daniel Levy) and the sporting director (Steve Hitchen) asked for: to build a team who can play attractive and offensive football and I was ready for that.


Really like the sound of that tbh. He sounds like a foreign version of Keegan. 

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13 minutes ago, RUHRLYASLEEVESUP said:

Unai Emery?


Don’t shot the messenger please 


Would not be upset about Emery at all. That guy is a winner.


Think a club like Newcastle suits him better than an Arsenal or PSG did, as he seems to do a great job of lifting up clubs that don't have as big a reputation so would make sense from that standpoint.


Also has some prem experience from his stint with the Gunners, which would be useful due to our current predicament.

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2 minutes ago, 54 said:

I would 100% take Emery for what its worth, hes a really solid manager with decent success and pedigree. 

He’s the ideal candidate for me, I think he keeps us up this season comfortably and then is good enough to push us up the table 

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3 minutes ago, AyeDubbleYoo said:

I quite liked him at Arsenal, they had bigger cultural and strategic problems to address, which they still haven't.


Not that we don't, but you'd hope our strategy will enable him more.


Yeah, think he would have eventually done well at Arsenal, but they were never going to be patient with him, as they were trying to be right back in that top 4 place they were starting to lose.


Could see him do very well with a club like Newcastle, especially coming after a joker like Bruce. Everyone will be behind him and the atmosphere around the place is going to be immense.

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Never had much love for Emery, and loved Ben Arfa making a mockery of him at PSG and then later at Rennes, but can't say I felt anything much for Rafa before he came.


Have a feeling he'd be as about as close as we can get to him in terms of style and attention to detail, so would be more than willing to give him a chance.


Definitely not excited by him, though, and any concerns people have/had about Benitez and ASM would be relevant here too. Structure above all else.

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