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Long Throws


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It was interesting to see that in Oguchi Onyewu we have finally got someone in the team who can throw the ball a decent distance.


It makes a change from the predictable 'routine' that we always use: - wait until everyone is marked, throw the ball to the nearest man who will then return the ball to the thrower, who will then punt the ball up field.

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There's no harm in having a couple of extra options from set pieces.


I'd sooner see us launch it than do our usual trick of throwing it short, getting under pressure and putting it out for a throw to the opposition.

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Anyone know whatever happened to David Challinor?


Now he was a f****** weapon.


I remember watching one cup final (I think) about 5-6 years ago because he was playing :lol:


Remember that cup game we had against tranmere a few years ago, pissed myself every time they got a throw inside our half.

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