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The nicknames given to St James' - "Heaven, The Castle or Vertigo" ?

Guest thenorthumbrian

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Guest thenorthumbrian

St James - according to Wikipedia  - is  "affectionately called 'Heaven' or 'The Castle' by fans. Due to the steep terracing, the upper tiers can give people nausea, owing to the nickname 'The Vertigo'."



Has anyone else never heard of any of these nicknames used by the fans ?

I have been going for years and not once have I said I am going to "Heaven" or "the Castle," and my seat is in Level seven Leazes end and again I never heard of it called "the vertigo."




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Guest Invicta_Toon

what a load of shit


It's 'SJP', 'the ground', 'St James', 'theatre of pain'


nowt else

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St. James Park is the Theater of Dream because of its fantastic architecture.


Newcastle United are the Academy of Football because of the excellent academy kids we have always produced (Ramage, Pattison)


The supporters are nicknamed the Kop.


The wifes of the male supporters are dogs.


Our manager job is one of the 8 most sought after managerial job in the world.


The people have such a distinct culture and lingo that they qualify as a Nation. They are discriminated by the southeners because those people are jealous of our wealth, nationhood and beauty.


Our collective favourite pastime is a chat with courtesans based in La Manga, Spain.


We often brand others Mary Poppins if we worship them as heroes.


We often settle disagreements with punches.

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Guest thenorthumbrian

Heaven sounds like a gay nightclub and the Vertigo is like a mediocre indie band from about 1993.


I wonder which one applies to us the most.

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Sounds like a visiting fan edited it to take the piss, running joke amongst other supporters about how high up we put them - ie the Arsenal match report about walking up the stairs for hours, passing skeletons in various premier league shirts along the way.

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Guest Knightrider

Old Gallowgate



Cathedral on the Hill

House of Pain

Sid James Park

Freddy's Ivory Towers


And my fave - home ;)

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