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How to f*cking swear


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It seems many people have no idea that they can turn the default swear filter off, in order to see as many fucking swearwords as they like. It's getting boring explaining this to people over and over, so read below if you want to see cursing in full glory.


How to turn your swear filter off

  • At the top right of the forum, click 'Quick Links'.
  • Click 'View Profile'.
  • On the left, click 'Look and Layout Preferences'.
  • Check 'Leave words uncensored'.
  • Click the 'Change profile' button.
  • Swear like fuck.


However, we will edit out swearing in thread titles as per the general posting guidelines (as I have on this thread), so please avoid doing this in the first place.


End of public fucking service message. :laugh2:

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Guest londonmaglad

That's much better - good 'fuck' and occasional 'bollocks' are most enjoyable... but it has to be a good old 'cunt' that really flaots my boat. Usually uttered when talking about cockneys.

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Guest triggy99

what has this got to do with football dave?


f*** all. But it's the place most people view, and the place people have moaned about it most.



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