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  1. Took a huge risk joining when he did with our league position, absolutely delighted to see it pay off for him. So excited to watch him in this team for the next few years .
  2. Just gotta be thankful that we're talking about anybody now up to 12th being in the mix. A month ago we were basically cut and dry with Norwich, Watford and Burnley. Brentford, Norwich and Watford I reckon will go.
  3. The whole point is that Wilson is not returning tomorrow though is he?
  4. Lascelles was solid against Everton but not the end of the world to let Burn debut without 'dropping' Lascelles.
  5. If Coutinho is playing out left for Villa again, I'd be terrified to see Murphy tasked with defending against him. Would rather see Manquillo in there if Trippier is out.
  6. The intensity is a big reason why I wanna see Bruno start. There was so much more aggression and urgency from him in his cameo, he'd just lift everybody around him if he were in there from the off. Wouldn't hesitate to give Coutinho a kick or too I imagine.
  7. 3 for me now. Important that Everton, Leeds and Brentford are getting sucked into the mix now too rather than the four of us being cut adrift. Having one of those other 3 go on a run is less of an issue now, I think we'll be fine.
  8. Unreal few minutes. Can't wait to see more on the weekend already. What a signing.
  9. Carpets gonna be worn to shreds by FT.
  10. Would presume he's not simply sitting on his arse doing nothing in this period & likely already putting plans into place for when he officially takes over. Good news that the ball is finally rolling.
  11. ToonAbroad

    Big Dan Burn

    Paranoia is starting to kick in a little after being seemingly strung along by Man U for Lingard... Sure it's all fine but would be good to get this one announced soon.
  12. ToonAbroad

    Dele Alli

    What was weird was SSN saying when they went to the break "coming up next, more developments on Dele Alli with another club entering the mix" (or words to that effect), and then they returned from the break and carried on as if they'd never said it .
  13. Would rate Alli coming in if only to weaken Everton late on.
  14. ToonAbroad

    Jesse Lingard

    Just change the title to 'no hope'. FFS, what a waste for all involved.
  15. ToonAbroad

    Jesse Lingard

    Just caught that too. Is he really the best 'expert' they could have got on transfer matters?
  16. Ridiculous to be expected to work on a day like today. Everytime I check back there's a new player in the mix.
  17. Targett, Hugo and Lingard then? Would be very pleased with this assuming Burn goes through without issues.
  18. Was also wondering if having a fellow Brazilian alongside him can help Joelinton even more too in the middle. Can only be a good thing for him.
  19. Yup - he may not always be first, but he won't confirm unless he's certain.
  20. Yeah, if you follow through to the most recent thing the Mirror said, it was just repeating that his medical was taking place yesterday.
  21. Dele Alli, Dan Burn & one other from under the radar is my guess now - assuming Bruno also goes through smoothly.
  22. So it's now €52m with bonuses? Yesterday they were OK with €40m .
  23. International games in all continents apart from Europe. Pretty weird, UEFA didn't schedule games so most top leagues taking a break or playing a round of cup fixtures this weekend.
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