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Guest Harry-Norway

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Guest Harry-Norway

Who dare be in charge for Newcastle?????


8 managers in 11 years will scare the shit of the most of the candidates in the marked.


I am not agree of sacking Sam at this moment,much to early.


We are a big laugh around the world the way we treat managers in Toon.


I am sick of tying to explain to friends whats wrong with Toon ,sacking Sam is not the soulotion thats for sure.!!!!!!


I dont have the answer,do you?????????????

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Who'd dare?


I'll give you a clue, me old china...he's a cockney sparra, marra...




"He who dares - wins"

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To be honest i would take the job if I were non-attached to NUFC. Massive wages and a huge pay-off for very little time working if you get it wrong. Also knowing that if you got it right playing attcking football with the owner's millions of pounds he's prepared to put in, and enduring god-like status if we ever won anything. That's why managers would.

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Aye i thought mr norway posted twice a day asking for the useless tosser to be sacked. in fairness he could have been talking about alot of people at the club


Just reading his posts.


He suggests glasses, but doesn't mention the sack.


Most of his rage is aimed at Barton.

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Jose Morunho




:lol: Just imagined a scene where Mort's unveiling the new boss at a press call:


Mort: We've been very lucky to get him and he's the man to take us forward. The number one choice! That's right, it's the one you've all been waiting for, the Special One, Jose Morunho.


Fat, balding Portuguese fella walks in and stands looking totally bemused. The press are in shock.


Alan Oliver: Who the fuck is that?


Mort: It's Morunho! Are you socks blown off, yet?

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