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Not Impressed At All

Crumpy Gunt

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can't say i'm "impressed". what would've impressed me would be going out with a completely objective approach, an open mind and going for the best obtainable target regardless of nationality, ties to the club, sentimentality etc.


that is not to say i'm not excited, i'm the most excited ive been since robson was boss. is that irrational? maybe, but fuck it, it's going to be an adventure.

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It's started to happen already, for F**K sake lets all (100%) get behind the manager, team and club and make it a force again.

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With Crumpy on this one, the more i think about the board the more they appear to be playing this straight out of the marketing textbook.


Absurd decision.


Yeah it is. Deep down, I'm gutted but howay man.. if it fails it will shut some people up!!


If it starts to go badly, he will walk anyway, so the board have a low risk strategy. The impact of the appointment will mean thoughts of relegation should be staved off but if its not moving in the right direction, they wont have to sack him at least.

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