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Is relegation really possible?

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Is it really possible?

We played like donating 3 points to the league leaders,

we play some pocession football with no end product with mid table teams,

and that means, if we are unable to get 3 points from relegation battlers e.g Shef Utd,

we will be one of them.


The truth is that, the situation is even worse than under Souness.

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Guest redmayne

the guy is a useless managert -

i mean when your own fans turn nasty on you after you cause them to go down (West Ham)

And you hacve just had half your brain removed


did nobody see any alrm bells at the club?


fick me - were the laughing stock of football


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Guest Imperio

It's definitely a possibility, anything could happen from now until the end of the season, but it isn't looking good right now. On the bright side, a win against Charlton in our next league game could lift us up a few places.


Against Charlton it's make or break, if we can't beat them then we'll be in a lot of trouble.

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Roeder is not up to it.

I said this LAST SEASON and was pilloried for it.

I don't hate to say I told you so, 'cos I effing well DID.

Which idiotic management appointment next for the fat idiot ?

Bruce ? He said he was offered the job by Shepherd yeaterday.

Sums up the fat fools lunatic idea of " a good manager"

Fasten your seat belts, lads - Roeders going for a hat trick of relegations....

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I've always been one of the optimists, but we've been throwing away points in a frightening way recently. It's definitely a possibility.


With a manager who does things like dropping Martins after he'd hit 2 great goals, switching Ramage back to LB even when he'd been great at CB, never giving Luque a chance despite us having zero creativity etc etc - and a chairman who has too many things wrong to list, we'd have to consider ourslelves lucky if we're still in the Premiership this time next season.  :(

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Guest Pavel Is A Geordie

If you're not good enough, you will go down.


So far this season, we have not been good enough.


Unless we improve very soon, we will be in real trouble.

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I'm more worried about relegation than in the Souness days.


lol, no way. I remember well how it was last January... we're not there yet, but we are heading that way.


3 points off the bottom ffs.

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