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Enrique: 2nd coming


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Don't think Keegan rated him but with no left back coming in, it looks like he's got that LB spot with competition provided by Zog. Fine by me as I've thought getting a mobile target man was a far bigger priority and hopefully Xisco will solve that. Hopefully with a settled run in the first team, we'll see him come on this season.

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I think/hope Bassong is his back up.


Bassong is the bollocks.



I have been really pleased with Bassong



Looks a tidy defender.


So far so good. If Enrique isnt fit for Spammers we need to start him at LB. If Enrique is fit I wouldnt mind him starting at CB, dropping butt and maybe putting Colo just infront.

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Literally amazes me how managers keep putting N'Zogbia at left-back. Today is surely the final nail in the coffin as far as that is concerned, please God let it be. I'm sick to my hind teeth of watching him excel for the final twenty minutes of the match when he's on the wing. It's enough to tear your hair out. Just fucking start him there.


Hughton's selection was wank altogether tbh. You cannot play that 4-3-3 stylee with Shola Ameobi. I could understand starting Shola, assuming that Xisco wasn't up to it. But i mean... he started Xisco, so why the fuck was Shola in there like? ??? Honestly, i've never had optimism hindered so much having watched a warm up. If anyone was there early enough, did you see Shola's shooting practise beforehand? Fucking; edge of the box, no one in goal - could he bury it? Could he fuck. Over the bar, off the post, skewered wide, etc etc. There are no fucking words. Except fuck. He's just utter fucking shite man.


Bassong's crossbar challenge with Guthrie from about 20 yards out was embarrassing n'all.


I love going in early tbh, it's just random as hell.

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