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Current Feelings?

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A] http://www.mdjunction.com/images/stories/panic-man.jpg


B] http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/panic-attack-4.jpg


C] http://coastcounselingcenter.com/media/panic.jpg


D] http://www.stopthatpanicattack.com/images/scream2.jpg


E] http://www.eurekadirect.co.uk/companies/Eureka/department/ABSH4.jpg


F] http://www.challengemanager.co.uk/cms/imagebank/image/Blindfold%20Man48.jpg


G] http://www.otbmarketing.net/image/bored%20man%20Small901.jpg


H] http://www.b2bcoaching.co.uk/thumbs%20up%20low%20res.jpg


I] http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_pV56sneYkHA/Rvf2v6s2KkI/AAAAAAAAAZw/1YczIcxGMhA/s400/Noose.jpg

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I feel like a D. We dont know where we are, we dont know where to go, and the people in charge do not know where to lead us, all left is just dust in time.

If we dont get new owners who can take some action and find some sort of light in the end of a f***ing dark tunnel.

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I'm D too by the way, I'm lost in the desert, looking for any piece of luck imaginable  :undecided:


I'll be a fucking mess in the corner whilst listening, YES LISTENING (which makes it 10x worse), to the match tonight..

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Guest toonlass

E for me, AND I have just seen one frigging magpie all on its own, despite me standing for nearly 20 minutes desperately searching and imploring for another one to show its freaking beak.

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