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Would you murder for a win?!!

Dinho lad

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So, if you were given a chance to murder someone (anyone) to exchange it for the 3 points against boro, would you do it? (Given guarantees that you wouldn’t be caught or arrested for it. A murder in secret I mean)


Well, who would do it? ;D


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Can think of a few people I'd happily murder if I was assured of getting away with it tbh, wouldn't demand much in return either.


Yep, hand me the rusty claw hammer.

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Came across this on another forum just now, felt the need to post it.


Completely irrelevant to the topic, so apologies.


Still, unbelievably disturbing IMO.







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i want to be like Dexter, so yes






Was gonna do a PS job on it with players, and your face. But couldn't find a pic of you :angry:

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