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Laurent & Bertrand Robert

Optimistic Nut

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From a website on Reunion island.



While Laurent has the choice of England & Qatar, Bertrand Robert, who interests Newcastle, could be heading over the Channel.




The Robert brothers heading to England

Under the sun of Cap d'Agde, Laurent Robert is making the most of the last few days of his holiday (he hopes he doesn't have too many days left), before signing for a new club. "I hope it happens soon, England, Qatar...anywhere! I still have a few good years left in me. If a club needs my help, I'll be there". At 34 years old, the ex-Magpie isn't ready to call it a day just yet. "No, Didier Agathe gave me some ideas, he laughed. I'm still in good health." Why not a move to France? Montpellier, the club where it all began recently promoted to Ligue 1 for example? "It's difficult, I can't see myself moving back to France. England however..." Laurent didn't say anything else, "I'll wait and see" he concluded.


Bertrand interests Newcastle

Several hundred miles further North-West, in his house in Morbihan, lies his brother. "Since I got back, not a lot has progressed", the ex-Lorient player said at the Entrance of his hotel where Lorient have set up their pre-season camp. He was only there to drop off his friend Fabrice Abriel. "It's not normal to be left in wait, not knowing where you're going to end up when lots of clubs are already back in training. It's a difficult time but I'm not too downheartened. At Didier Agathe's testimonial, I met the Reserve Team Coach of Newcastle United. He said he was interested in me and would get back in touch." After Laurent, the Tyneside club, now in the Championship, could also welcome Bertrand. "We'll soon see, in the meantime I'm training on my own so that I'm ready when I get the call from a new club", said the younger Robert brother.


"He's still young, and English football would suit him", added Laurent, who excelled in the Premiership. "I have many good memories of my time there".

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Him being on loan at a ligue 2 club doesn't fill me with confidence.


Is the link from a reliable source or is it the French's version of 'tribalfootball'?


It's from a website in Reunion Island. Can't see why they'd make up quotes like that mind.

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Just found what the team was for that game...


Amis de Didier Agathe : Larrieu - Tebilly, Varga, Walsh, Thompson, Stone, Jansen, Mjalby, Moravcik, Périatambee, Petrov, L. Robert, Agathe, Powell


So ties in with Bertrand saying he spoke to the Newcastle reserve coach.

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Guest Heneage

Isn't there a chelsea lad called Robert Bertrand. What a good left side that would be. Have any members  actually seen him play?

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Him and Emre the two players I wish we'd never sold.


Your kidding right?


Robert was past finished with us and nothing more than a whiner. His passing, control, crossing and shooting in his last season and a half with us made shola look like Pele.


Now whilst I liked Emre, he just didnt justify his wages, making his annual 16 appearances in between injuries. He was a luxury we could never afford, he was never fit enough for us to see the best of him.


Whilst Emre managed to amass a whopping 25 appearances this year, he has hardly set the world alight back in his homeland. Robert has managed to be even worse since leaving.


What do you think they would have contributed to Newcastle had they stayed? I'm pretty confident little that's positive on the football pitch.

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Guest Heneage

I just wanted to give a chance, Chelsea at home in his second to last season he was phenomenal.


1 game? :lol:

Sunderland at home

Birmingham at home

Everton at home


The lad had class there's no denying that, even with a dodgy hamstring he'd walk into our team right now.

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