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Green Army

Crumpy Gunt

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I think they stuck our name on their because afaik it's the longest distance between 2 teams in this league (although I may be wrong).


However yeah it's an annoyance but I don't watch tv all too much anyway.

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Guest icemanblue

Paul Whitehouse is a legend.


Simon Day was funnier in The Fast Show.


Controversial. It'd be hard for me to say who was 'funnier', because it was all gold.

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Guest Roger Kint

it's a confusing ad. get a comedian (though i've never been that impressed) known for charctarization to dress up, put on an accent and then deliver a straight piece.


I actually think they beleive its funny though :kasper:

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Guest Taylor

Didnt even realise it was him...however you have to admire Julio Geordio.

I still would not have know it was him if it was not for this thread.

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