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Top 200 premiership scorers

Guest n4e

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That was very hard. Managed only 82. My brain just went into lockdown. Forgot Sheringham, Hasselbaink, Dublin, Heskey, Le Tissier, Giggs and Scholes to mention the most obvious ones.  :idiot2:


Le tissier was the most obvious one i forgot. Missed out Pedro, Fox and Butt for newcastle aswell.

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78....missed some obvious ones like....was too busy trying to think of notable players from the past than the present so forgot  Van Persie and Torres :lol:


Never thought Nicky Butt and Steve Watson would have been in there. Other ones in particular I missed but should have got were Hartson, di canio, Saha, Cantona, Merson, Ravanelli, Mcmanananananaman.

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