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How much would you sell carroll for ?

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Guest johnson293

Not at any price for me - and I think the club also have that opinion at this point in the window.


However, If someone offers £40m+ in the summer, I think they'll consider it/sell him then.


But I think the statement of intent in turning down these bids (and any future ones) would be more important than the money, for the rest of the squad, in the longrun.

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how much would Alan Shearers 17 million be these days- world record, taking market inflation into account.

100 mil+


he was quoted as being worth every penny cos he stayed a long time and produced the goods. So if you can get a full career out of Carol this has to be the measure of his worth.


hes worth. prize money for points.


tv money.


advertising money.


added value if Ashley sells up.



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I wouldn't sell him now. Sorry but we have no time to find replacement and I doubt we can get someone in. Right now he has no value as he can't be sold.


Btw lock this thread. No more talk about this.

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Selling him at this point is simply not an option, no matter how much is offered. It's far too much of a gamble until we're safe. Add to that I would have no faith whatsoever in the board investing in the team/replacing AC.

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There is just no point in selling him.


Replace him with a similar number of goals £20m probably, but you won't get as many years out of him.

I would expect his value to only increase and he has the potential to play for another 10 years at the highest level.

He wants to be at Newcastle which some players have been guilty of not doing in the past, he's the type of player the club should be fighting tooth and nail to keep.

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