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Newcastle United 1-4 Liverpool - FT - Entertainers Charity Match


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Reading a few things from different websites and just Facebook statuses etc , a lot of people seem to think there is a big announcement before the Darlington game tomorrow?


Have I missed something?


None of these are from a source or anything but the things I've been reading are:


A takeover from the Qatar Royals - Doubt it.


Peter Crouch signing - Saw in Jesmond yesterday ( apparently )


Jose Enrique signing his new contract - Even if he did sign it , I'm sure it wouldn't make a difference to anything as he'll still end up going next year if he doesn't go this season




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Eh it's already been mentioned it's something to do with a charity?


From the guy that first mentioned the announcement



Daz Williams


@lee_ryder @nufcfans Press Conf this Fri from 3rd party not #NUFC but told it will be interesting for #NUFC fans, iconic & charity related


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sorourkeITV Simon O'Rourke

@DazWilliams @ianpayneitv yes. interesting and #NUFC fans will love it. But it's not a new signing. nowt like that. Embargoed so can't say.

56 minutes ago

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Probably some cynical 'donate a percentage of profits to the SBR Foundation' as a way of trying to get the fans on side whilst having a good argument to turn a healthy profit every year.




The bastards!!!!!!


:lol: 'We spent fuck all on improving the team last year' said Brother Pardew in the annual report 'but on the bright side we did donate £300 and a day at the training ground to see the new bore hole, to the SBR foundation' Rent-a-quote continued.

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An open training day more than likely at St James' Park :dowie:


And why would the press be banned from mentioning that before the announcement? :lol:


Coz it's huge news, massive ion fact!!!

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If you spend £10 in any Sports Direct store you will get a years free membership at the club which lets you buy match day tickets before they go on general sale. A third party announcement by Sports Direct promoted as great charity to everyone on JSA. Stop buying tac off the streets of Meadowell and get yourself down to the Silverlink for some special offer tack.

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