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Roeder attacked!!!

Newcastle Fan

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Manager of the month Steve Coppell has launched a surprising attack on Newcastle counterpart Glenn Roeder.


Roeder's claim that 'justice had been done' when Emre scored The Magpies' winner against Reading on Wednesday has irked the normally unflappable boss.


The comment was a thinly-veiled attack on The Royals, with Roeder suggesting Emre had been the subject of abuse from coach Wally Downes.


But Coppell claims Newcastle have no right to take the moral high ground.


"Glenn has taken the high moral ground saying he is not going to take it any further but to be honest he shouldn't have said anything publicly - he should have spoken to me first of all," said Coppell.


"And how can you take the high moral ground when the etiquette of protecting injured players was abused by Newcastle in the second half.


"Their bench said it was a player who didn't understand but their bench still had an opportunity to stop them boxing us in when the ball went in the corner.


"People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."


Coppell admits angry words were exchanged, but insists Emre was no shrinking violet.


"I have to defend my staff. There were words exchanged as Emre had just fouled, or tried to foul, one of my players," added Coppell.


"My coach has been reported as saying 'hey, what the **** is going on?' and that's all he said. It was not a personal slur yet for whatever reason the player was very angry about it.


"He swore at our people - in Italian for some reason - little knowing that our goalkeeping coach (Sal Bibbo) is Italian. So what Wally said and what he said in their respective languages there was no comparison.


"The word Emre used was 'putana', which I think is fairly well known from Italian films."


Meanwhile, The Royals face last season's Championship colleagues Watford on Saturday and Coppell has been fulsome in his praise of Aidy Boothroyd's team.


"They are capable of winning five or six games on the bounce - I have said that consistently about them," said Coppell.


"And there are many ways to play football. Why should anyone be critical? Aidy is a young, bright manager and he has said that style suits his players best so who are we to be judgmental?"


Reflecting on his being named Barclays Manager of the Month for November, Coppell added: "I'm pleased because it means the team has done well. But I am quite genuinely surprised given that we were beaten in the first game of the month.


"But maybe coming back and getting nine points from the next three games was what clinched it. Whatever the reason, it is an indication that we are picking up points so it is gratefully received."




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Oh coem on he is just bitter coz they lost, whinged about the penn after the game, and maybe Roeder should not have said anything about what went on but you can bet the press seen vit and would have asked anyway.

They know Emre has a temper and I would not be to shocked if it was part of their gsme plan to try and wind him up.

Pure handbags and I really hope Glenn does not respond to this anymore.

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I agree with Coppell.


Putana is derogatory term for a woman Italian origin, apparently Putano is the male version.


he said Putana and it means Whore


Like Putain in French and Puta in Spanish

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"A player who didn't understand" :lol:


It was Steven Taylor from a drop ball, who pelted it out for a throw in deep in Reading territory which we then pressurised instead of playing it back to Hahneman.

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I am not familiar with Italian culture but I know a little about Spain and Mexico and "Puta" is as common as "bloody" and means nowt as far as making a serous statement. We are all grown ups and Coppell has shown himself to be an absolute baby here.


How many times do Premiership players say "F*ck off!" in English? ... aye just about every minute. Just because we don't say "Whore" or "Whoring" every other minute does nto mean that this word has any greater levety in Italian.


I'd love it if we had a special obsecentiy filled chant just for him.

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stop acting like fannys, "ooh mr copple, we have done wrong", oh, "mr copple we shouldnt have said such horrible words", get a fooking grip and back the lad you muppets,



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Pasta Puttanesca =  Hooker's Pasta


That might be an Italian-Americanism. My Great-Grandmother said it was called that because putanesca sauce has a lot of dry goods like anchovies, dried chilis, olives and usually sun dried tomatoes. She said the assumption is that you've been f*cking around all day as opposed to doing some shopping for fresh ingredients. So its a "whorish" sauce. I've never been to Italy so I am not sure if they also say that there... at least in mixed comapny or in fine restaurants.

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Guest keego_nufc

Can someone explain to me about what Coppel said?



I don't really understand it,



"Their bench said it was a player who didn't understand but their bench still had an opportunity to stop them boxing us in when the ball went in the corner."




Sorry lol


Dont really get this quote, what is he talking about?

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