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The Top10ometer™ (2022/23)


The Top10ometer™ (+ Top10ometer™ for Dummies)  

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  1. 1. How likely are we to finish top 10? 0 = nee chance, 5 = can’t call it, 10 = nailed on marra

  2. 2. Will we finish top 10?

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I do find it hilarious that we are only 3 points behind Everton with a game in hand given how the spend more on one player then we did with our entire dealings. :lol:

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Love this thread , voted 6. We're on form with 4 winnable games (include the Arsenal tie who are poor away from home and have an eye on the UEFA cup) . Optimistic outcome 2W 1D 1L. That might be enough for 10th.


Chelsea and Spurs could be ugly especially with Kane chasing the golden boot

That's 1W down, right on target

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