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Southampton 0-1 Newcastle United - 07/03/20


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Another turgid game in store.


In a game of NO bingo, I’m going for: ‘Gayle is so shit’ at roughly 12 mins.


I'll take 'run Shelvey you lazy cunt' throughout.


I’ll take ”Ffs Ritchie”

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Ritchie is so slow


He was when we signed him, presumably why Bournemouth were happy to sell him. Maybe we put a premium on lack of pace and reward slow players with new contracts.

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Guest reefatoon

Miggy did nowt wrong like.


Apart from missing a sitter. Gayle should have scored first mind, but let’s not tell fibs, Almirons chance was just as easy. s**** finish straight at the keeper. Both efforts from Gayle and Almiron were w*** there

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