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Other games (2021/22)

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24 minutes ago, JeffJ said:

Just caught up with the scores from last night. Sounded like Young Boys dominated. 

Did Manchester USA even have a shot on target after the red card? I'd be ashamed of this. At least have a go ffs. 

Suppose it’s a competition they didn’t even want to be in so maybe it’s just little Ole doing his best to make sure the Glazers are happy. Line up some big money friendly games in America instead. Maybe keep Ronaldo away from Vegas though, cost him £300k last time.


They didn’t even have a shot in the second half.

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1 hour ago, Dinho lad said:


When you grow some balls (it's only the online world, fella!) that would be a bigger shock.  


Their celebration was a bit too 'small time'. They've played in the CL before and they've beaten a big(ish) team before.  And there are hardly any 'shocks' in football now days as it's too closely contested (when it's on the pitch as a one off). I'm sure if you're a regular bettor, you've noticed this. 



Of course it was small time, it was Young Boys Vs Manchester United ffs



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1 minute ago, Fantail Breeze said:

Is it Covid related as to why Leipzig have brought a taxi full of fans with them? Or is that what their away support is generally like?





Suspect 2 things:


Uk rules with covid, testing etc.

Also they are a small club.

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