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Newcastle United 4-3 West Ham United (30/03/24) | Reaction: pg 50


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1 minute ago, gbandit said:

Krafth the right sub? Over Hall playing LB and Burn coming into CB?

I guess this way you're only making one change. Schar would be swapping sides too so it'd be 3 changes if Hall came on.


edit: I assumed Krafth would play centre half but seems I might be wrong :lol: 



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2 minutes ago, Smal said:

I guess they were deliberating whether it was a deliberate action by the WH defender - which is of course obscene but it's the level of nonsense we've come to expect. 

Deliberate is misleading. Its not like if he meant to clear the ball then its allright, the wording of the offside rule is more complex than that.

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