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  1. This is why VAR need to make the call instead of the ref. In decades now referees have often not given freekicks and penalties unless the players over-play it, and often you can see they are avaiting a reaction from the player before they blow.. If players stay on their feet or dont react much they normally dont get anything, so I can understand ASM over-plays it because he/we dont get penalties that often and IF he doesnt over-play it we can certainly say we wouldnt get the penalty... Imho VAR need to correct the error, because in my book making the wrong decision about a penalty is seriously
  2. Some of our coaches need sacking, this bunch are so unfit..
  3. dissapointed to see only 1 signing after 11 days.. Had hoped they had signings ready before january the first
  4. Think he needs to sit on the bench a game or two. Maybe he then will see where his teammates are.
  5. Even my girlfriend who isnt interessted in football was quick to see a problem with players not beeing allowed to play rearrenged games. What about players sold? Should they be loaned back for one game? should the teams that have sold their players have fewer choices just because of this corona shit? Like you said earlier the big problem is the Premier League board who is fucking us all over(by us I mean every team outside the "top 6").. Refere calls, VAR, other rules for the "top 6", no penalties for trying to start their own league, we are not allowed to have sponsors who are co
  6. who`s missus in our coaching team has Fernandez "scored" with? Cant believe he is not starting.
  7. Sry mr, should have written rumours about him joining with his coaching team. But yeah thanx for paying attentions to the details..
  8. Its good tho get a manager in. His coaching team seems pretty thin, that means our horrible coaches will stay on. I was hoping we changed out the Mike Ashley area as soon as possible. Now its just to get a DOF in so we can start the shopping spree.
  9. Really dont. Before the last season with bournemouth if I remember correctly ppl were praising him. Havent watched them played much so dont really know to much about him. He dosent look like a kebab or bacon eating turd, nor swearing every second word, or beeing narcisitic prick. So the question was honest, why do ppl hate him? ATM we just need anyone to come in and kick out the old training team.
  10. Really? Because I was asking about Howe?
  11. Why isnt Howe liked in here? He sound like a decent lad. Dont remember how bournmouth played.
  12. What we do want is to park the "buss" and not play with to strikers, which have left Wilson having to play as a offensive midfielder for large periode of the first half. I would want us to try counter attacking when we have the chance, and if we are playing with two strikers then we need Joelinton on to win the headers. I hope this is the last time we see ASM as a free role striker, and move him back to a Winger. Also we need Almiron who is our only athlete atm.
  13. I cant really believe that people are question the sacking of Steve Bruce, they should rather ask the question why was he appointed.
  14. I agree on Dubravka, its to bad he is injured to much.. i also agree we need a creative midfielder, but think goalie, cb, and dmc is more important to keep us in the league. I do think its going to be a hard transfer window, some clubs wont do business with us, and others will ask to high prices from us. But asap we need a manager, and a coaching Staff. Also add a friend, shrink, coach or whatever for ASM.
  15. I think the biggest problem is our tactics. We played a flat back 5, flat 3 midfielders 1 striker and 1 with a free role up front. Ritchie dosent have the legs to operate as a wingback, manquillo is more of a right back. Krafth isnt a central defender, Lascelles has said he preffers playing with 2 cb. Fraser isnt a hard worker nor a central midfielder, so that leaves us with longstaff and hayden in central midfield without anyone on the sides. We need a manager which can play to our strengths, and by our squad that isnt many. IMO our main focus for the transfer window should be: goalkeeper, ce
  16. Willock i can understand. But almiron on the bench instead of fraser?
  17. Think he might be tired, bruce didnt spare him. Also think its time he didnt have that free role anymore. Play him as a Winger, and make him work for it.
  18. Dont think the current coaches are any better than bruce. Remember carver was SBR nr 2. Didnt make him a good manager
  19. Nah. Usual bad. Negative lineup, very much bruce style. We had a Lucky goal from corner and benteke looked like a class player.
  20. The sooner we get a new coaching team in the better. Same bad lineup/tactics as steve bruce and same lack of effort on the pitch.
  21. I think almost any manager could improve our defence.
  22. Maybe he would come here short term. We need a manager who can lead the club until the summer, and Howe is waiting for a job to turn up in the south.
  23. Just dont know why he is still here..
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