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Happy 75th Sir Bobby - Legend


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Born 18th February 1933.


His first day as Newcastle Manager.




Getting his knighthood at the palace.




Possibly his greatest night as Newcastle manager.




Sacked as Newcastle manager, walking to his car.



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SBR - I'm sorry for ever doubting you, i'm not going to say you were perfect, but by god your the best its been for a long time. I'm glad you managed to do something with this place, even if we did expect too much under you.


All the best for the future, Happy Birthday.


Jenas' birthday as well isn't it? 25 iirc?

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Guest Outtatoon

Happy Birthday Sir Bobby. I've had the pleasure of meeting him once in Washington DC, when Newcastle toured the U.S. He is a true gentleman of the game.  :clap: :clap: :clap:

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