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Silver Kit

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Silver kit. Yay or Nay!  

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  1. 1. Silver kit. Yay or Nay!

    • Yes its alright
    • No its cack

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not bad.. maybe we'll actually wear this one in the season, as the other two kits seem too dark and it's hard to see us playing with the strange blue one if the home team's colors clash with our black and white strips.. if this makes any sense


The kit would've been classier with some fancy third color..like yellow or red numbers on the back

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Honestly, It is MILES better than the purple one.


That purple one just makes my eyes bleed it is so shit.


I find it difficult to have such a strong a opinion on something that is so boring! :lol: The silver one is naff though, if not quite as boring. Just thought it looked very pale and grey and pretty washed out from the stands. I like the sentimentality with it being similar to the Keegan 80s kit, but... well... it's probably going to be worn for one game, if that.

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I have to say, and I think Tooj will agree, we don't make enough off us being made by Adidas in terms of the decent retro merch we could release.




deffo, you would think they would have at least re-issued the adidas shirts from the first keegan era anyways, the 95-97 home and the 95-96 hooped away :)

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