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Suck dick for a living.


Regional TV or so it should be, but the CC highlights so far consist of Manu vs minnows + breakdown for almost half of the 1 hour broadcast.


This match was shown fully on SS1 live, so no excuse for the poor Manu fans who by their 10's of millions couldn't see it.


Now the remaining 5 matches, plus yesterdays round up fight it out for 25mins minus adverts, fucking great.


Not only that, but the regional news announced the fuking score of the Toon match for those who wanted to be surprised.


Fuking joke television at its very fuking best.


Whats the bet we get goals only?



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Well considering there will be a break after the Spurs game there will be 15minutes for all the other ties tonight, oh and last nights highlights, less we forget.


Suck dick, Aye it does.


Fuking disgraceful.


Now there actually going to analyze this match!


Can you believe it?



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Guest smoggeordie

Distance and/or money and/or circumstances are no excuse. In fact, you should have hired a helicopter just to be there on time.

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Guest Invicta_Toon

I got to see 2.5 goals in 55seconds, well worth the fuking wait.


I totally missed it reading this shitehouse



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