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Chris Hughton


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Chris Hughton, Newcastle's caretaker manager, now boasts an eminently respectable seven point tally from the opening three League games and judging by the surprisingly high decibel level the home fans - in far louder voice than at many Premier League games last season - are, against all odds, rather enjoying it all.


Small wonder Hughton hinted he would quite like to have the 'caretaker' label removed from his office door.


"It was a wonderful finish from Shola in front of a wonderful crowd," beamed the former Tottenham coach before delivering a not so subtle message to David O'Leary, Joe Kinnear and whoever else might fancy the job should Moat's attempted takeover fall through and Alan Shearer's hopes of a managerial return fade away. "I'm very much enjoying the challenge so far and I'm very happy to continue until further notice," said Hughton. "If that turns out to be a long period I'd be very happy."

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f*** off Hughton. His shitness is only acceptable because he's not a manager, not close to one. Now that he thinks he is one, he needs to be told sooner rather than later to f*** off. We can't afford to waste time with yet more s***, bottling cowards in charge of the first team.

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Jesus.  He said nothing of the sort.  Some of you people are as mad as the tabloids.


When the takeover happens, Shearer comes in, and Hughton gets a well done handshake.  If it doesn't happen and we are faced with a choice between Hughton and whatever 'Remember the 90s?' managerial pick Ashley has up his sleeve, then I pick Hughton.

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He's only said he's happy to continue until someone else comes in. Is that a remarkable comment like?


Well, not quite. He said he'd be 'very happy' if he were to continue in charge 'for a long period'.

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Guest Marley_The_Dog

Btw, it was The Guardian who interpreted Hughton's comments in this fashion: not me.

Its your thread title



Oh, f*** off.


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