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UEFA Fair play - Europa Qualification


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Usual time of the year when some random team gets excited about getting into Europe.



Seemingly Fulham are in line this year behind Chelsea, who should qualify already. A look at the Table puts us bottom.



However you look at some of the columns like respect to refs it just doesn't make sence. Apparently we get less points than Man Utd in this one despite the fact you rarely see us surrounding a ref. Seems like this is another case of big teams getting favour from officials.


One of our best scores if behavoiur of officials. Ashley must at least mind his p's and q's in the boardroom.

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Seems a joke that this table, which is nothing more than clubs being nice to each other, can gift a club a massive amount of money for the following season.


It's not even that, though. Just read who beats us in certain aspects as mentioned in above posts FFS :lol:


If I remember rightly, it's not just referees' fault, is it? Isn't it a group of people that decide on ratings for each match and such?

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Can someone explain to me how the team with the second least amount of yellow/red cards in the league can be bottom of a "fair play" table while the team with the most is second and will get the European Spot?


Hopefully in the final game of the season if we are safe we go on a yellow card spree just to push England out of the Top 3 and fuck them over.

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