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Team Dubai (fka Getafe)


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Royal Emirates Group, the Dubai investment group chaired by HRH Sheikh Butti Bin Suhail Al Maktoum, has bought a top-league Spanish football team set to be renamed ‘Team Dubai’.


The privately-held firm said in a statement Tuesday that it has taken over ownership of a La Liga – Spain’s premiership league – team in a deal to be announced Thursday.


“The said team will be named as ‘Team Dubai’,” the statement said.


The unnamed club is speculated to be the debt-ridden Spanish club Zaragoza. Spanish media reports in February a Dubai sovereign wealth fund had made a €3m buyout offer for the team.

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Could see Chelsea cutting their losses with Torres if the owners are serious spenders. Would probably be a good move for him considering how it's gone at Chelsea.


Terrible decision to rename the club, hopefully someone puts a stop to it, ie the league by saying team Dubai isn't registered in the league and must start in the lower divisions.

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