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Pre-season 2011/2012


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Leeds United have announced their first pre season friendly of the summer ahead of the 2011/2012 season.


Leeds will face Premier League side Newcastle United at Elland Road over the weekend of July 30th and 31st.




July 15: Darlington (a)

July 20: Sporting Kansas City (a)

July 23: Orlando City (a)

July 26: Columbus Crew (a)

July 31: Leeds United (a)

August 6: Fiorentina (h)

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Might be tempted by a trip down to Bellend Road like. Aren't those 3 games in the US nowhere near each other? Seems a bit daft if they're going over for a training camp.

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I hope we get a good allocation for leeds. Never been before and could be a decent atmosphere.


s*** ground, horrible fans.




That's the negatives out the way, positives are class city for a piss up :)

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Only been to Leeds once, a few years ago, everything seemed spread out.


Maybe I wasn't looking in the right places.


Nah fairly accurate to my experience but still enjoyed it, their isn't many (if any) places in the uk like Newcastle for a piss up

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Guest hobshobs

End of July is the rumour. I wonder if it mght be tied in as part of a transfer deal?




Think you could be right Crumpy. Snodgrass is the name I'm hearing from persons who new him when at Livingston.

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Guest ObiChrisKenobi
danking11 Dan King

FA Trophy semi-finalists @GatesheadFC have confirmed a pre-season friendly against #nufc this summer

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