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The 'Player Pronunciation' Thread


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Seen as we're signing a bunch of Frenchies/Africans, I thought it'd be good to check we're saying their names properly.


I've heard several ways to say Yohan Cabaye, which one is right?


Also, what about Mevlut Erding, Blaise Matuidi and Emilio Izaguirre?

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I have it on good authority from my mate's dad who is a bit senile that Charlie's surname is pronounced "Zognobia".


Both my dad and grandad call(ed) him N'Gobiay, pissed me off no end.

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Danny Gootrie and Jisco are the correct according to that s*** commentator last season.


Was that the one that always got Simpson and Routledge the wrong way round?


Could well be he was the drizzling shits of a commentator

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Guest Roy the Irish Magpie


Is- a (pronounce "ah") - gear - a(not pronounced "ah" but "aye" as in aye rymes with hay)

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