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F.A. Cup 3rd Round - Brighton (a) - 05/01/13 - 12:30pm KO (live on ITV1)

Crumpy Gunt

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I would hate to draw the Mackems, as shit as they are I think they'd beat us, can't stand derby day!


The thought of playing in front of 30,000 empty seats at home doesn't fill me with excitement either. I would love another trip to Peterborough after the Championship season, great away day!

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I want the Mackems at SJP.


Nah. Save the makems for the final.


The police job for that would be horrendous!


How would they seperate the fans on the way down there?


They'd try and get seperate trains that go down and then escort people from Kings Cross. They'd also designate service station to each set of fans that are travelling on buses I'd imagine. Would be a nightmare for them though.

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More games to blame our poor league form on :yao:


To be fair, we need extra games like we need a hole in the napper. As much as I'd like to get the unwashed at home I sincerely hope we get knocked out in the 3rd round so Man U, Chelsea or Clubs of that ilk (Southampton would do...) away would suffice.

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