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How would you fit Anita, Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Marveaux & Tiote in the same team?


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HBA is best on the right (imo), not his best in the left.


Marveaux better behind the striker(s), seems to be out of the game too much on the left


Anita & Cabaya are best as part of a midfield 3.


Without shoe horning players, how would you line them up?

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Cool replies, was interested to see what people thought. I think though, from what we've seen of him, Marveaux isn't as effective on the left. He's better in the middle. Possibly a better passer and runner with the ball than Cabaye but doesn't do half as much without it.


I think Marveaux on the left may not work great. Didn't he even say so himself?

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I'd be very, very surprised if we were to see all 5 of them start a game for us. Obertan has the most about him (skill set wise) to play on the left. Not that he has much competition.

I don't think all 5 of them fit into the same team effectively. Nice problem to have when it actually comes up!

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I'd give this a go:


  Anita        Tiote


Ben Arfa      Marveaux



:thup: although i dont think Ba will be here much longer tbh.


Anyway as good as marveaux is he will never be a sure fire starter imo....


Cabaye,Hatem and Cisse will always start in front of him when fit.


Great player to have tho.

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More interesting. What have you seen of HBA that he could play there?


I think Benny could play anywhere in an attacking role TBH you could swap him and Marv around if you wanted

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            Cabaye    Tiote 




            Marv          HBA




My rationale being:


Anita - I don't think he is well suited in the slightest to playing the holding midfielder role. He has impressed me most playing between the lines of midfield and outright attack. His flick-ons and blind passing around the corner is really good, and unlike our other two "dogged" midfielders, he can actually run with the ball/carry it forward - albeit not in the same beat-your-man kind of way as HBA or Marv. Another good quality he has is making himself available to defenders with the ball, and engineering an opportunity for them to make passes out of defence that even Simpson/Williamson are unlikely to botch!


HBA - I think I just prefer HBA as central, or at least picking up the ball central, so that he has more time on the ball/influence on the game full-stop. Quite happy for him to roam with/without the ball. He should be the one guy in our team who has complete liberation :lol: He's just that good.


Marv - Not 100% sold on Marv in the Prem, but didn't see him yesterday. Very, very encouraged but what I've seen and can only imagine I'll be more impressed as he gets a better run in the side - which any player deserves before they can be appraised. Similar mould to HBA, but I think he should drop back a bit and try to retain a bit more discipline by staying in the centre so we're not so easy to play through/get dominated in the centre - something I think we've looked guilty of at times this season and last.


Cabaye - I think Cabaye has more to his game than he is given credit for - he has bite! I think he is well suited to being a deep-lying player maker in a side that plays the right way (which we haven't). I envisage him continuing to add to steel to our midfield, whilst not getting his hands quite as dirty as Tiote, obviously. When we have the ball, he can push up and dictate a la Paul Scholes, spreading it out to the runs of HBA/Marv/Anita... but for any unexpected losses of possession etc, he is still there with Tiote so that we're not as exposed as the open legs of a call girl.


Quite happy for Ba/Cisse to alternate. Think either would thrive in such a situation, and we wouldn't survive without a squad, as opposed to just a first XI anyway.


A decent right-back to complement this and give us some extra/width options when we're trying to press home an advantage would be superb also, I think it goes without saying.

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