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The Managerial Merry-go-round

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Honestly Gattuso is absolute shite - he couldn’t take Napoli to the CL given the players they had so god knows what he will do at Spurs 

up there with Spalletti in terms of how useless he is 

so a great choice [emoji38]


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How many from the Milan team have gone into management and actually succeeded? Off the top of my head:

Shevchenko - only managed Ukraine but seems decent enough

Gattuso - is a chaos agent and seemingly at a new club every season

Inzaghi - managing in Serie B

Seedorf - never lasted more than a year

Nesta - only managed small clubs

Stam - New club every season, in MLS


Any others?

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Definitely seems like the director of football Spurs hired prefers Gattusso and has now thrown Fonseca under the bus.


Spurs are a complete calamity. What a bloody mess. Neither of the two are even seemingly that impressive. No idea how these two are at the forefront. Incredible really.

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Levy is such a poor micro manager its actually costing Spurs money, I was talking to the bloke that did the polished concreate floors in the new stadium and he said Levy does 100 hour weeks and was constantly around telling all the tradesmen how to do their job and he sent loads of them off site, he then had to pay a premium to the new ones that came in, apparently everyone earned a fortune and spent most of it on white stuff up their nose.

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22 minutes ago, triggs said:

Was weird in the doc how Levy was just in the canteen with all the players and Jose


He came across, to me, as a deeply insecure person.

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