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Euro 2016 N-O sweepstake (entry closed)


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To add a little extra to the tournament, why not join this sweepstake and (possibly) support a team you wouldn't normally take a second look at?


If you enter, you'll be allocated a random team from the 24 available. They'll be 'your' team for the tournament and you have to support them on here.  An avatar change to something country related is required! would be good, too


You'll be added in order of entry posts here, and I'll make the draw on a sweepstake randomiser website once we have 24 entries.  If we get more than 24, I'll keep adding people to random teams.


To keep people interested, I'll do another draw which includes people who were knocked out in the group stage for the latter rounds, so you'll get a new team if you go out early.




Winners: Portugal - Leonard54, Froggy, Waddles mullet




Albania - Anderson, Tubestationatmidnight, Lush Vlad

Austria - HawK, McCormick, BlueStar, BillClinton

Belgium - Si, khay, Parsley, Jayson, Fenham Mag

Croatia - Greg, Rebellious, Coco, LFEE

Czech Republic - M1tche, heza09, Toondave, Tsunami

England - Bimpy474, Nobody, JB

France - Klaus, Kevo, Felipão

Germany - triggs, Sifu, POOT

Hungary - Kaizero, NEEJ, Marmoset, jotenko

Iceland - sbnufc, LRD, The College Dropout

Italy - mrmojorisin75, themanupstairs, WarrenBartonCentrePartin, Shearergol

N. Ireland - Ryan, Mag_in_NZ

Poland - RodneyCisse, awaymag, ShootGol, midds

Republic of Ireland - Altamullan, Jill, Village Idiot, DalToon

Romania - chopey, Incognito, TaylorJ_01

Russia - joeyt, bowlingcrofty, Magpie, KDT

Slovakia - Pixelphish, ben-nufc, Adam^

Spain - Ndegwa, Shay's Given Tim Flowers, jdckelly, neesy111

Sweden - GavMcEl, Mike, Norseman, dinotheprehistoricgeordie

Switzerland - Interpolic, Kasper, mozy, Optimistic Nut

Turkey - Ameritoon, Disco, Fatwax, Foluwashola

Ukraine - sturla, Deuce, Ritchie, Decky

Wales - Fugazi, Darth Crooks, AY, nemtizz

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Wait how much is this? I'm still in, just wondering


Free, dont see much point in paying/offering a prize for something we have no control over. Will be a bit shitty for whoever gets Albania for example :lol:  Hence the re-draw too after the groups

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