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46 minutes ago, samptime29 said:

I prefer him in the midfield 3. 


I mean it's not even up for debate at this point, he's such a fucking animal in there. :lol:


It's not just brute force either, he's got really tidy feet in tight spaces and generally picks the right option when passing it in midfield. It's just the final third where he lacks composure.


Really think we'll be onto something with our midfield when we bring in someone to replace Longstaff and join Bruno and Joelinton in there. Someone like Maddison would be ideal, for me.


I really don't think we should be looking at a traditional DM because for me that's Joelinton. He's our ball winner, our physical presence. We need another Bruno in there, someone who can contribute more to the attack than Longstaff or Joelinton.


It's just that the way we play doesn't lend itself to a traditional DM who sits in front of the back four and breaks up attacks there. We try to break up our opponents' attacks at their end of the pitch, before they can get a foothold in our attacking third. Try to either win the ball off them in their own half or else force them to play a speculative ball forward that should hopefully be easier for the defence to deal with.


Love the guy, think he's gonna be a first team player here for years to come.

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Two glasses of wine falls into the "howay man you divvy, you can't drive" category, rather than the "fucking hell he cannit even walk never mind drive" category.


31k is one helluva fine. Silly bugger.

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