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Euro 2024: Not worthy of a thread


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Teams qualified

Pot 1


Portugal (rank 1)

France (2)

Spain (3)

Belgium (4)

England (5)

Pot 2

Hungary (6)

Turkey (7)

Romania (8)

Denmark (9)

Albania (10)

Austria (11)


Pot 3

Netherlands (12)

Scotland (13)

Croatia (14)

Slovenia (15)

Slovakia (16)

Czechia (17)


Pot 4

Italy (18)

Serbia (19)

Switzerland (20)

Play-off winner from path A

Play-off winner from path B

Play-off winner from path C

Play off matches 

Path A

Wales v Finland (winner at home in the final)
Poland v Estonia


Path B

Bosnia and Herzegovina v Ukraine (winner at home in the final)

Israel v Iceland


Path C

Georgia v Luxembourg (winner at home in the final)

Greece v Kazakhstan


Semi final matches taking place on 21st March and the finals being held on 26th March


The main final tournament draw will take place this Saturday, 2nd December at 17.00 GMT




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4 minutes ago, Nobody said:

When is the draw for the actual tournament? 

2nd December at 5pm


I was thinking it would be after the playoffs but they do it pretty much straight away don't they? And they use play off winner A etc for the play off winners 

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2 hours ago, Magpie said:

Teams qualified













Czech Republic 









Play off matches already known 

Path A
Poland v Estonia


Path C

Georgia v Luxembourg

Greece v Kazakhstan


Other teams in the play offs






Bosnia & Herzegovina


Full draw for the playoffs take place at 11am this coming Thursday with the semi final matches taking place on 21st March and the finals being held on 26th March

Does this mean that one of Georgia,Kazakhstan,luzembourg or Greece make the final from patch C? or do c play A or B in final?

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3 minutes ago, Yorkie said:

Is there an obvious favourite in Path C? Assuming Poland and Ukraine for the others. 

Wouldn’t say so.


I actually think Luxembourg might be the best team overall, but obviously Georgia have Kvaratskhelia, who’s head and shoulders above any other player in the four teams.


Even then though, Greece and Kazakhstan probably fall into the ‘well-organised’ category, so wouldn’t be surprised by any of them making it through.

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24 teams is absolutely ridiculous mind.  At this point I don’t even know why they bother with qualifiers - there are 55 UEFA nations.  Just add an extra KO round at the Euros and have 48 nations there.  Have the hosts qualify automatically and the lowest ranked 12 teams play a one-off KO to qualify, ending the tiresome and convoluted qualifying process.  You could have a EUROs every two years if you did that, and no more international breaks. 

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4 hours ago, NUFCDoog said:

Denmark, Netherlands and Italy/Ukraine would be quite the group for England like, wouldn't be overly confident

England took 10 points off Italy & Ukraine in qualifying and beat Denmark at the last Euros.  It wouldn’t be all that bad of a group.  

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Just fyi "The Euro 2024 draw will be shown on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer from 5:15pm GMT."

Pot 1: Germany (hosts), Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, England

Pot 2: Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Denmark, Albania, Austria

Pot 3: Netherlands, Scotland, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic

Pot 4: Italy, Serbia, Switzerland, Play-off winner A, Play-off winner B, Play-off winner C

In before we get Scotland again :)

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