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Newcastle United 1-1 Everton (02/04/24) | Reaction: pg 40


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At least two of these Everton cunts should be booked man. Fuck off ref. Gordon gets a second yellow a few days ago for passing the ball back to the West Ham goalkeeper. 

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Just now, gbandit said:

Hall’s getting his head on everything, very impressive considering his size 

can leap like a salmon like

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3 minutes ago, Andy84 said:

All these will have is pumping balls into the box 


Their build up play is awful, thankfully.


No one technical enough or close enoug to Beto to play him in behind, which is when he can be dangerous.



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1 minute ago, gbandit said:

Beto the worst striker in the league?


Far from it. Team doesn't play to his strengths at all.

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