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Newcastle United 1-1 Everton (02/04/24) | Reaction: pg 40


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Just now, Pixelphish said:

I accept my fate.


I just hope they keep sitting off us.


If they pressed us higher up the pitch with the legs they have in midfield, I think we'd actually struggle more.


Thankfully they don't seem to realise that.



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Just now, Smal said:

Hall is really helping us build. Impressed with his decision making. 

Keeping the ball so much better with him there

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Reckon we might look alright with Gordon instead of Murphy on the right.


Terrible decision making there, so many options.

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1 minute ago, gbandit said:

Fuck’s sake, take a pot shot when you don’t have five other options Murphy


Just needed to keep it down. Horrendous effort.

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