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  1. Stan Collymore has a radio show in the States. He says he has a good source inside West Ham saying Rafa is interested in the manager's position there. Sure seems like a lot of smoke over the past couple of weeks. It doesn't look like Bilic he'll last. Would be a major setback to lose Rafa. I'm biased, but I don't see the upside for Rafa at West Ham. How many more times can we shoot ourself in the foot?
  2. Has that come about about the 4th official informing the ref about the decision?
  3. We're 2nd bottom and odds on for relegation. To be fair to them if they're not confident of beating us who exactly could they be confident of beating? They shouldn't be confident of beating anybody, they're f***ing horrible. Only reason they're safe is their good start, since the turn of the year they've been the worst side in the league. Sounds familiar, I know that tune.
  4. stoli


    40 points is a bridge too far for us, but can see West Brom not winning another game.
  5. stoli

    Steve McClaren

    This. Ashley gave him the freedom to make this hire. Charnley must go too. Serious conflict of interest.
  6. Glad we don't play Palace until the end of April. We would be the perfect tonic for ending a losing streak.
  7. stoli


    NUFC = Newcastle United Football Charity. We are everyone's dream opponent. No bottle, no character, and 3 points are an easy proposition.
  8. stoli

    Steve McClaren

    If McLaren were to be sacked or resign, realistically where would Liar Charnley go for the next permanent manager / head coach? It's not even October and we look adrift. We can't afford another clown at the helm. We need some stability and confidence. Can we get it from McClaren?
  9. Things that make you go hmmm.... Scroll down and look at the photo about Gabriel. Is that a foul, yellow, or red? Or play on? http://outside90.com/epl-what-we-learned-newcastle-united-0-arsenal-153/
  10. Gouffran should not get near the pitch. He must be moved on and needs to realize that he has zero future here.
  11. Ready to play in January. Cheers, mate. Hadn't seen anything since the reports that he was back in training. Would be nice to have him with our next fixtures - gunners, spurs, scum, manure, but looks to be too soon.
  12. Good thing we used the transfer window effectively. Oh, err... Nevermind
  13. stoli

    Hatem Ben Arfa

    There was too much ball watching and a lack of composed energy today to put the blame on him. Agree that he goes missing too much, but he was also trying to do to much on his own as we were flat.
  14. Too bad he doesn't have the integrity to tender his resignation. For the life of me, I can't get my head around how we can't match the scum's energy levels. Continued events really make supporting this team harder and harder. As as difficult as it may be, I can take the losses when honest shifts have been put in. Simply not happening in this fixture. That's on the manager.
  15. stoli

    Alan Pardew

    Understand the annoyance in his repeated comments about expecting bids, but maybe he is also putting pressure on the board as well to only except an "Andy Carroll" type bid (which I guess didn't come in during this window) and if we don't move forward - it's only a matter of time before ambitious players are off without credible investment.
  16. stoli

    Alan Pardew

    Some similarities as the Chelsea defeat. Very vulnerable to the counter-attacks on our flanks with our fulbacks caught out. No change in tactics. Not learning from the alarm bells ringing as all could see we were being exploited.
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