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  1. I always think it comes down to the opposition knowing us, as an example Henderson and Colback know we have traditionally done it, wouldn’t surprise me if they done it on purpose as a result of the coin toss.
  2. My wife’s a Forest fan, she can be a right cunt though.
  3. Anyone going to Benfica? Im looking for advice on the best way of getting there.
  4. I’d have him just for his YouTube channel.
  5. On my way home from the match, don’t think I’ll sleep tonight. Class team, class performance, a United Newcastle. Great days.
  6. Funny how your skills evolve…recently my wife cleaned out and tidied our kids toy box. Today, it’s been open season for the youngest in a desperate attempt to keep her emotionally grounded as she has Chicken Pox. Instead of tidying it all away I’ve spent about two mins throwing it all in but making the top layer look neat…it’s impressive to say the least. can’t wait till she finds out.
  7. Don’t try and hide your lisp now! You’ve been sussed.
  8. HTT, undoubtedly. The attack is a disguise, it’s designed to focus our attention elsewhere.
  9. Adam P is all over this, got the metro and everything.
  10. Wasn’t that the idea of the singing section? Putting like minded folks together. I love the atmosphere since the change of ownership and personally I think there’s a lot more involvement from most areas of the ground then there has been for a long while, that said, people go to the match for different reasons and vocal support is just one form. There always seems to be a badge of honour attached to signing at the match like it somehow makes you a better fan whilst the fella who sits beside me who’s had a season ticket for the best part of 50 years has arguably “supported” the team far more than the most of the twats who come stumbling in after 10 mins, shout and sing, leave on 25 because their bladder can’t take it, shout and sing again, leave on 40 because they can’t go 15 mins without a bottle of Carling then turn back up again around 53 mins. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that atmosphere is one thing but people go for different reasons.
  11. PCW1983

    Jesse Lingard

    As unpalatable as it is, I get why Man Utd are being as they are however…I really hope we are in a position in the future to give the same back and piss them around just as much….just because 😂
  12. Has the deal fallen through? Haven’t seen anything about it.
  13. I wondered if we still didn’t have a bonus scheme for the players post MA. As you said, £30m between the squad to stay up….
  14. Any offers for this anywhere? £40 on steam
  15. SSN pretty much confirming it now
  16. So much for my NoFap January attempt 😂
  17. PCW1983


    I went for a look because I thought they couldn’t be…absolutely 100%. They’ve deluded themselves into a relationship with Arsenal, two threads on how good their fans were according to AFC vloggers, some shite about AFC and SAFC being proper traditional clubs, respected. Paying their dues to AFC for paying respect to someone from their club who died whilst simultaneously booing players taking the knee 🙄
  18. PCW1983


    Jesus Christ, talk about bigging your self up! “Good on Mikel Arteta .. He didn`t have to, but genuine acknowledgement of our footballing mission within EFL One hoofball division. You could see our players visibly enjoying being able to use real skill for a change. That, without being wiped out by a bruiser even if we slipped up later in the game.” Being in L1 is part of their footballing mission 😂. I didn’t realise they were there through choice, I always assumed it’s because they are utter turbo shit and have been for years!
  19. Funnily enough I watched this earlier and found it quite interesting.
  20. Both building were a old peoples home from memory.
  21. PCW1983


    How hard is it to find a cassette at the moment! I’ve been looking for one to put on a new turbo and cant find one for love nor money.
  22. Carroll was right, bring Bournemouth to Newcastle.
  23. Any the chippy van coming round every Friday.
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