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  1. Late goal for Liverpool & a _very_ late one for Brighton.
  2. I saw this on the r/NUFC subreddit. I'm on mobile and just copy-pasting, so god knows what the formatting will be like. Anyway - it's Bournemouth fan u/machdel talking about Howe's transfers. Did a quick search. Sorry if Giggs.
  3. Would be delighted. I am concerned that we just don't have the midfield or defence for that, even if Schär is used. Wish we still had Lejeune. If he peddles himself to us hopefully players buy into him quickly and some results can be scraped before essential recruitment in January.
  4. Funny this week! Wor Mandy's face is spot on! He has dipped overall. I remember creasing in the early days - some more recent strips haven't been laugh out loud, for sure. Last week seemed, well, a bit Guardian-y, as if his editor encouraged him heavily. Even if that isn't the case, he's well within his rights to put something like that up, even if he over-egged the pudding, so to speak.
  5. When we got beat off Derby - quite easily - in the only game they won that season, eventually getting relegated with a grand total of 11 points. I was sat behind the goal when Kenny Miller scored. Got back to my car to find I'd got a parking ticket. A relatively early low point in the Ashely regime. Largely downhill from there on in.
  6. There's no way it'll be tomorrow - it is KSA's holy day. It's today or Sunday/Monday.
  7. Yes, I've heard it's lovely ...
  8. Saudi plane has just landed in Monaco, hasn't it?
  9. Someone on the r/NUFC subreddit says his mate did it on the side of "an abandoned building in Durham countryside" and then posted it to FB alongside the King Curtis video.
  10. A Twitter random. Ignore. He's employed at a place that has previously acted for Staveley in a court case. Not that this means he is in any way ITK, but he works with people who possibly may know more than some others. Whether he's hinting at stuff he's heard which is just "office gossip", I don't know. He hasn't made his employment public, and he hasn't said why he's saying this, or how he would be aware of any of this. But as a random Chelsea fan account, he doesn't fit the profile of your standard Twitter ITK (i.e. not in any way ITK, just passing off hundreds of made up bits of bu
  11. If it is through ARAMCO we will experience the same problems as PIF because ARAMCO is owned 100% by the Saudi government. It's listed on the Saudi stock exchange now. Most valuable company in the world I believe. I assume the Saudi Government own a large % of it but presumably not all as it can be publically traded. I got the impression that his Aramco comment was more in relation to getting around FFP with them as Man City style sponsors, rather than outright purchasers/replacing PIF. I think that is his own interpretation in response to someone else mentioning it would take time
  12. He hasn't been doxxed, and I don't think it would be easy to replicate this as I haven't been that explicit regarding the method. I'll edit anyway. Jeez...
  13. Edited post. So... I found out through some internet sleuthing, that the owner of this Twitter account works in a barrister's chambers with connections to Amanda Staveley. There's definitely a reason the person behind this Twitter account would potentially have heard something. Whether this stems from careless conjecture/office gossip, or comes from Staveley's confidence (which seems to be a driving force for rumours), or is completely fabricated... who knows. But, given the lad's employer/colleagues, there's is definitely the potential for him to have heard something very few others wou
  14. That's a hell of a spot like Gyles Brandreth would be proud. Only bettered by the Virginia Bottomley one tbh Surely the David Ginola anagram is in there with a shout as well? Vagina Dildo...
  15. I can’t believe he’s got the nerve tbh. Strung along posters in here for weeks with his bullshit. I wouldn’t have minded too much if there had been an explanation or apology afterwards. I understand it when people are a bit bored or lonely and want to do something to feel relevant or part of something but to not admit that afterward I find a bit difficult. Blame Midhat. We all got sucked in. Everything up until the last week or so checked out. They had enough money to go window shopping and that’s all apparently. But if you want to blame me for the club not being sold that’s grand.
  16. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/why-adidas-and-nike-will-not-play-ball-with-mike-ashley-r3phl9px7
  17. how come no date is shown between his last reply and your new message? I deleted my last messages to him from 2 days ago. It wasn’t one of my finest moments.. mine keeps the date separator even if I do this in app. or you mean you photoshopped the above? I don’t know mate. I deleted 3 texts including an image (not my cock) and one of his emojis and then just took a screenshot. The the last two are from today. Fair enough. From my side it makes it very difficult to believe the above is true as that would mean your version of whatsapp behaving differently to mine(maybe som
  18. Why did you post a shopped screenshot?
  19. He's on 70k. That is fucking mental! No wonder he doesn't want to leave, the little orange parasite! So, since he last played for the 1st team (Barnsley on 7th May 2017) he's "earned" something like £2,660,000 for doing precisely fuck all.
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