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  1. I'm not from Newcastle and iv'e had nothing but abuse since the match it still hurts us too like. Completely backward mentality slating non local fans as if they don't have the right to support who they want.
  2. So pissed this'll likely be over by the time I awake, do it for me lads, a fallen soldier
  3. if we ever needed a goal, we've left it so late this season I don't think my heart can hold out much longer.
  4. The Narcissist


    On Danny Graham "Got a funny feeling he might bag a hat trick or something in the derby like" Read more: http://www.readytogo.net/smb/showthread.php?t=768446&page=6#ixzz2OUjYgNCv No bother marra, three each for Sess and Fletch aswell and it'll be 9-1 FTM
  5. So happy to see Ex-Newcastle in that article, thank fuck this little scrote isn't our problem anymore
  6. Seen a few Liverpool fans saying we'll be swapping him for Carroll no chance hopefully i'd be gutted. Likely typical RAWK crazyness
  7. Netflix have now said what that guy said isn't correct and their still hoping to put together another season after this one.
  8. Great result, really hope back to back wins can be what spurs us on to a boring mid table finish without much drama and then we can kick on next season with our superstars. ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ, what a week for NUFC
  9. Keane actually did rip up his contract and walk out of United aswell, threatened to do it a few times before that.
  10. On the bbc now as confirmed http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/21189430
  11. As mentioned the best thing to do would be to give him a leave of absence until his wife is feeling better as if his wife really is in a bad way I doubt hell want to play for San Lorenzo every week even if its easier than here. He's done nothing but give his best for us so if his wife really is ill I think we should do all to accommodate him here, next to his wife it's only football.
  12. Don't think we're a wee club just think we'd be better off pursuing more realistic options than Zaha
  13. We have absolutely no chance of getting Zaha, would cost far too much and if he moves it'll be in the summer to someone like Arsenal, don't think he would even entertain a move here
  14. It's from The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, another show they did together, was on channel 4 over here.
  15. Let's not talk shite lads was always a red, Tiote should know better. Fuck sake
  16. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-UjWBTDC2d84/T4Rfhx91v9I/AAAAAAAABOk/SfUDmsbj2mQ/s1600/lw+leo.jpg http://www.sheilaomalley.com/archives/searchers.jpg
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