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Appiah - Free Agent


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In an interview with Ghanaian radio, the former Parma midfielder stated that he has cut ties with last year’s UEFA Champions League quarterfinalists.


"Now I am a free agent," he told local radio station Happy FM in Accra.


"A few issues happened between me and the club so I no longer play for them."


The Ghanaian international captain also denied any links to Italian side Brescia - for whom he used to play - or English side outfit Portsmouth, but stated that he was still studying some offers from nameless teams.


"Those stories about me and Brecia are not true. My personal trainer works with Brescia and I did a lot of work with him there during the off season so maybe that is where the rumours are from," he said.


"But there a few offers I am studying even though I am not in a hurry. I want to make the right choice. At the end of it all the most important thing is that wherever I end up, I will give it my absolute all."


Yes please, exactly what we need in terms of a defensive midfielder. A possible drawback is his injury record, but on a free it might be worth a gamble in my opinion.

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Guest Guinness

I'd definitely take him for free, would be an inexpensive way to replace Butt allowing us to concentrate funds on getting a creative midfielder and striker.

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Speaks volumes about his fitness issues that they actually went out and bought Emre to replace him.


lol - does make you wonder like.

i've not seen him play since he left juve, always seemed like a good player but ^.

a pay as you play deal might be worth thinking about though

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Just saw on Setanta that Pompey might be interested in him. What is Harry trying to build? I bet they have the most expensive gym soon considering how much money they probably invest in weights...

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